My Topic on Illustration Friday – Warrior

I was excited to see that my topic had been chosen on this week’s Illustration Friday website.

This is a cool site where artists and illustrators share their artwork on a weekly topic for fun.


Here is my Warrior Heart illustration.

“She was a true warrior in her heart.” 


I hope you have had a very nice Easter. My little girl received enough chocolate eggs to make a tower out of them!

And hooray today the sun is well and truly out.

You Are Original

you are an original

Everybody is original if they tell the truth,

if they speak from their true self.

But it must be from their true self

and not from the self they think they should be.

So remember these two things:

you are talented

and you are ORIGINAL.

Brenda Ueland

Summer is Coming

It’s only another few days left until the clocks go forward an hour here in the UK.

We lose an hour, but we gain more daylight and the summer hooray!

That extra day light always gives me more of a spring in my step and more energy. I don’t know about you? It just feels like there is more time for everything in the summer.

And that means more time for painting and illustrating in the evenings, more socialising with friends and more time spent outside in the garden – weeding, planting and growing.

Let’s make the most of summer 2015!

Why Snowdrops Are a Symbol of Hope


Around this time of year we see snowdrops in many gardens and patches of land.

They are a lovely reminder that spring is coming, the days are getting lighter, and the weather is hopefully becoming that little bit warmer. They are a symbol of hope for good reason.

I recently read an interesting story about the history of snowdrops and how they came to be this positive symbol.

It begins with Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

When Eve was about to give up all hope that the cold, dark winter would ever end, an angel appeared. She is said to have transformed some of the snowflakes into snowdrop flowers, as a way of showing that winters do eventually give way to spring. Beautiful.

Solar Eclipse 2015


Did you see the solar eclipse on Friday morning?

Here in Lancashire it was really cloudy, a grey sky, and having looked out of the kitchen window I didn’t think I’d get any chance of seeing it and dismissed it.

By chance it also looked like it was going to rain so I went outside at that moment to bring some washing in from the line. I looked up and there was the sun clearly visible and shining through a gap in the clouds. It was like I was supposed to see it at that moment!

Unfortunately my camera was not up to scratch at taking images of the sun, and all you can see in my photo is white light.

Seeing something as significant and rare as the moon covering the sun made me feel quite emotional, and it really puts things in perspective that it really is a big old universe out there – and that we are really so small, going about our individual lives here on Earth.

In terms of the age of Earth and the Universe, our lives are so so short. Which is all the more reason to really live now, and appreciate every moment of joy that we can.

Welcome to Zoë Moss Creative

Hello, welcome to Zoë Moss Creative, my website dedicated to my creative work.

Here you will find me posting up paintings, illustrations and thoughts I think you will like.

I’m most happy when I’m drawing or painting. Time just disappears and before I know it an hour or two hours could have passed without me noticing.

I know exactly what van Gogh meant when he said:

“The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting”

It’s not the only time I feel alive, but painting sure does make me feel extremely ‘present’ in life and in the moment. Sometimes feeling fully present is hard to do.

And in the words of Eckhart Tolle – now is all we ever have.

I’d love it if you join my newsletter so we can keep in touch and let you know about what I’m up to.

Bye for now

zoe moss creative

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