New Look, New Shop

Hellooo I hope you are having a good week so far :)

I’m going to be using my blog for more frequent shorter posts. I love the idea of tumble blogs where they’re more of a notebook of images and snippets of text and that’s where this is going.

This week I’ve been changing the look of my site to one I much prefer and I also opened my Etsy shop where I will offering some of my paintings for purchase.

There will be lots more being added here soon so keep an eye out!

Have a lovely day,

PS I highly recommend checking out the book by Deliciously Ella. I am loving all of her recipes. Here’s some easy fudge I made with only four (healthy) ingredients!


“I Could Do That”

I wanted to share this video that’s a great response to people who look at art and think “I could do that.”

I think the key take aways for me were:

Actually you probably couldn’t, not the same anyway.

Maybe you could but you didn’t

You have to know the story behind the piece of art to really appreciate it.

And every single piece of art always has a story behind it.

Watch it here!

i could do that about art


Are You Different?

Why are some people more successful than others?

Do you think it’s down to them being any different to you?

I mean really?

They’re still human. They still have the same limitations as you. The same access to stuff that you do. The same amount of hours in day.

168 hours in a week.

10080 minutes.

There is really one thing different that separates you from them.

It’s a big one, but a simple one.

It all comes down to Choice.

The choice to make something happen, and the choice not to.

There are millions and millions of people in this world who choose to waste hours and hours browsing Facebook feeds, watching garbage on television and non-stop pointless computer games (Candy Crush/Farmville anyone?)

Now I am not saying there isn’t a place for Facebook (I’m not a fan but I can see the value in keeping in touch with friends and family far away…), and some down time watching television and playing some games.

But it’s how much? And it’s ensuring those things are a conscious choice and only when you need them to chill out.

And not doing those pointless things because you’re blanking out the things you’re frustrated about in your life.

When you feel frustrated, stuck, lost or unhappy, it’s because you’re out of sync with the true you and what you actually want.

It’s like a switch just needs flicking and when you do find this awareness of what you really do want – or you even just notice what you’ve been doing, you can flick that switch.

And choose.

For the vast majority of people who are in dull day jobs that are making them miserable and fed up, they don’t know any better. They don’t know they even have the choice.

know you are differentAnd that’s where I come in.

I want to tell and show you – you do actually have a choice!

You can choose to change where you are. You can choose something better. You can be free. And it’s not too late.

Whatever it is you want, you can have it.

Sure it takes dedication, it isn’t easy or everyone would be doing it. But you only have to decide, choose and start taking the daily action towards what you want.

And you might be surprised by how quickly things do change when you decide to no longer stay where you are.

Choose freedom. And most of all choose YOU!


Make the Art You Want To Make

make the art you want to make

Make the art you want to make.

Do it for you.

Do it because this is what you need.

It’s your need to express, an outlet, therapy, brings inner peace and a safe happy place when it’s just you and your page.

When I don’t make some form of doodle/drawing/painting/collage daily, I can feel it.

I feel frustrated. And you know why?

Because I’m not being me.

It’s what I do. Who I am. I love to play on paper.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about – and you’re not living your creative truth – creating in the way that you want to create – choose to begin now.

It’s never too late to just be you, totally you.

Creative you. Dreamer you. To be all that you already are.

Is This Crazy, or Even You?

Does this sound crazy, or could this even BE you?

I met this lady at a party recently. She was moaning about how many files she had to file, all day, every day. (Somebody else’s office files).

And then at the end of the day, she said she was so tired and fed up, that she spent her evenings watching junk television, eating garbage and drinking, before then crashing into bed and waking up to go and file someone else’s files again all day. Every day.

This is her life.

Now don’t get me wrong – I know full well what it’s like to need to go to work and earn money to live.

What I’m talking about is what’s underneath all that.

Who is she really?

There was obviously more there. More that lit her up. Brought her joy. Something that makes the time go so quickly she doesn’t realise an hour has passed and that she’s been completely absorbed in the present moment.

What would her life be like if, before she did her filing for the day or when she got home – what if she chose to spend her time differently?

What if she began to spend a few minutes (and there are always a few minutes) on something that brought her a little bit of joy?

What if she began to want to wake up that bit earlier, so that she could do what she loved, just a little for herself first?

Or if she chose to stop watching so much dull television, and spend some of that time on what she truly wanted?

What if she began to realise, that maybe, just maybe, she was actually pretty good at this thing she’d been doing every day now.

And in FACT, she was feeling happier in general because she was allowing herself to live more.

To feel more. To BE more. More of who she was.

WHAT IF the next time I see her at a party, she’s not moaning about the files at work. She still does the files.

But instead, she’s talking with enthusiasm about how she’s doing this thing she loves every day, she’s created loads, she’s got really good at it, she just loves it for the pure enjoyment and happiness it brings her?

Could you apply this story to you? What could you be doing more of that brings you joy – and less of what doesn’t?


You Always Have a Choice


I was asked on a call this week – if I could shake the world and tell it one important message what would it be?

Instantly I replied: It’s that you have a choice.

In everything.

We can’t always see that there’s a choice, and it might not always be the easiest, but YOU make the call in what you do and how you live.

Everything we have ever chosen has got us to where we are today. That can feel really uncomfortable.

But where to next? Where are you navigating to?

Set your directions.


What do you choose?

Plan your route – and you will get to that place but only if you KNOW where that place is.



Let It Out

It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I can post pretty much any of my art work into the world. I used to feel afraid that it wasn’t good enough. One day I realised, none of that matters.

Because by not sharing it, by not telling other people to do the same, I’m doing myself and other hidden artists a disservice.

It’s time to let your art and your creativity and your personal self expression, whatever form that comes in OUT.

Holding it inside you, it’s frustrating, it’s harmful, it’s unhealthy.

Releasing the creative energy inside you, there waiting, it lights you up.

It feels good. It makes even MORE creative energy, which then does the same.

Getting started is the hardest part, like anything. It’s like a snowball effect.

Trust me on this, start letting it flow out of you. Daily. Start sharing it. And notice how you begin to feel.

Are you holding your art inside you?

A Bird In Space

Our 21 day Instagram challenge is well and truly under way.

It’s amazing to see the incredible art that everybody is producing through the daily prompts.

If you are on Instagram, take a look at what’s happening under the hashtag #artbreakout. It’s a feast for the eyes!

So far we’ve created words, treasure maps, flowers and here’s a peek at my day 4 doodle.

The prompt was to draw an animal somewhere it shouldn’t be.

A bird in space. I love this little character!


If you’ve not yet joined up to the challenge, it’s not too late! Fill in the form on ArtBreakOut Instagram Challenge. We’d love to see you there!

Choose to Live

Every day, without fail, the sun rises and sets

Every day, without fail, the sun rises and sets. Every. Single. Day. And every day we wake up, we get up, we go about our daily business.

This life, it’s not forever. We all have our set amount of days. We have to choose to live them with ALL of our hearts.

Are you choosing to live them? Are you doing the stuff you WANT to be doing?

If You Make Art, You’re an Artist

There are no rules in your art and creativity. None.

You can make whatever the hell you want to make.

When I see schools (child and adult ones) that judge what somebody has made, how is that right?

How can anyone judge something that somebody else has made from their heart?

This is the very reason why there are SO MANY hidden artists who deep down WANT to make art. But they don’t. Why? Because they fear it’s not good enough.

You ARE good enough. It’s about the process. The way it makes you feel while you are creating.

When you make art, you’re an artist.

That’s it. You are one.

Let go of judgement. Let go of the questioning.

Allow yourself to be FREE. You are already free. Sometimes we just need reminding….

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