Online Business

Here you will find a growing list of resources I have used and been happy with, or still do use in my online businesses.

Website Set Up

namecheap coupon code

Domain Names

I buy my domains at Namecheap. And if you go here to Name Cheap Coupon Codes, you can usually get a coupon code off .com domains too!

Web Hosting

I like TSO Host, they’re in the UK and I’ve used them for a long time without any issues.

Places to Sell Online

I have a lot of experience in ecommerce. These are some of the places I have used to sell.


Shopify give you everything you need to set up a shop and you don’t need hosting unless you want your want a website separate to your shop. I have to admit Shopify is my favourite ecommerce platform because of how easy it is to use, but it’s not the cheapest. Sometimes, ease comes above price though!


Woocommerce is a WordPress plug in that you use. It’s ideal for if you already know WordPress. Whilst it is free to install, it has it’s downsides and it’s not that straightforward to use design wise. You can buy a nice theme and Woocommerce does charge you for virtually all of it’s plug ins. So on first appearances, it looks a good option, and I do use it for one of my stores, but overall I prefer Shopify for ease and convenience.

Social Media


TweetHours is great for setting alerts on your phone for whenever a Twitter networking hour is about to start that you’d like to join in with. It’s also good for finding new hours too. A lot of these hours are business to business chats.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission if you choose to use them. I have only included resources that I personally use or have used and been happy with.
I cannot make any guarantees or be responsible for your own successes using these services.

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